3D Models and Shaders for Blender and Cycles


1. Blender is free and open-source. Why don't you share your models for free?

Blender is a great tool and we'd love to make it much more popular among 3d artists, especially those working in architecture and visualization industry. There are lot's of assets for 3ds Max or other commercial applications but no one ever tried releasing a full sets of models dedicated only for Blender. This requires time and effort and that's why we can't share everything for free. 

However, all our free shaders (and textures they include) are shared under CC0 license, meaning they're an "Open Source" type of asset. You can use them for any purpose without even giving us a credit!

2. Can I download free samples before buying anything?

Yes! Just check our "Free Stuff" category and you can download all of them without any registration processes. Although it is possible to add free models to your shopping cart, we recommend using direct download links visible on every free product page.

3. I don't have PayPal account. Is there any other way I can pay?

Of course! Just proceed with a standard checkout procedure and choose "Don't have Paypal account" option as a way of your payment.

4. I have paid but I didn't receive the download link.

Please check the SPAM folder in your e-mail box. It happens quite often that e-mails with generated links are rejected and put to SPAM. This can also happen to your payment related e-mails. In any other situation please contact us at: support@chocofur.com

5. Can I use free models for commercial projects?

Yes, you can use all of our content for your commercial projects. However, this doesn't mean you can re-sell our models or use them on open-source basis. Please check the LICENSE for more information.

6. Which Blender version should I use?

Most of our models were created in Blender 2.64 (and above) and their geometry is only quad and triangle based (no N-gons). We recommend using the latest stable version of Blender supporting Cycles and the most common CUDA kernels. 

7. What was the studio setup for creating the shop renders?

We'll upload both files and tutorials on how to create your own studio renderings on our main website: chocofur.com

8. Can I use other rendering engines than Cycles?

Currently we only support Cycles rendering engine but each pack also consists .obj and .blend files for your own use.

9. Where can I find the End User Licence Agreement for chocofur models?

Please check this LINK for the full License, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

10. Can I sell my own models through your website?

If you'd like to participate in creating content for our store, please contact us at: store@chocofur.com for more information. We always look for great artists to collaborate with!