Chocofur Cars Bundle

by Chocofur
Amount of assets in this product: 12
Price of individual assets: €349.00
You save: 46%
Chocofur Cars Bundle is fully compatible with Chocofur Model Manager!
Chocofur Cars Bundle includes all our Blender 3D Car models. By purchasing this bundle you also receive a free, lifetime update on all upcoming Chocofur 3D Cars for Blender. The bundle price will gradually increase over time as new digital assets are available. A separate license agreement for this bundle can be found here.
Chocofur Cars Bundle includes: 
  •  Blender Chocofur Car models and advanced Cycles shaders 
  •  basic animation rig for each Car
  •  basic 3D models of the Car interiors
  •  .obj files

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