Chocofur EDU Subscription (1 year)

by Chocofur
Amount of assets in this product: 249
Price of individual assets: €2,380.50
You save: 97%

Make BETTER renderings!
Improve your 3D SKILL with Chocofur!

Are you trying to become another 3D "Artist"?
Do you think the world needs another 3D Modeler making swords and dragons?
Instead, get good at the Blender basics and become a skilled 3D Professional!

We've decided to share all our Tutorials and Course videos for free, forever!
Do you enjoy our YouTube content and would like to fully enjoy our Courses and Tutorial?
If the answer is yes, the Chocofur EDU Subscription is for you!

Access to Chocofur Courses!

You can watch all Chocofur course videos for free on YouTube. But each Course also includes a lot of useful materials and resources for you to explore! From image comparisons to explanatory slideshows, some things are simply easier to learn by reading and studying. Chocofur EDU Subscription grants you yearly access to everything you need to become better at 3D!
See the sample Course Chapter!

Access to Chocofur YouTube Tutorial Files!

Are you tired of tutorials that are cool to watch, but a nightmare when it comes to creating things yourself? The Chocofur EDU Subscription gives you access to all the Blend files we use in our YouTube Tutorials. You can also copy our methods and setups and use them in your personal, or commercial projects!
See the included Tutorial Files!

Learn from the actual Pros!

Learning Blender is EASY, I'm serious about that. The reason you find it super hard is that you've watched many tutorials created by hobbyists and Blender enthusiasts. I've never created a 3D sword, female character, or donut. Yet for over 10 years I make a living as a 3D CGI professional using only Blender for my work.
Read why would you trust me?

Support our Mission!

We want to help people like you in becoming better at 3D. The fastest way to make progress in any field is to learn from the professionals in that field. We've decided to share our entire 3D experience for free and make our educational videos available to everyone on YouTube. Purchasing any Chocofur product is a great way to help us grow and produce more free content. What you get in return is access to the exact 3D files our professional team uses in day-to-day projects.
Learn more about our 3D Agency!

You will get full, one year access
to the following Chocofur Courses:

You will also get full, one year access
to the following YouTube Tutorial Files:

Getting good at Blender is EASY.
Just STOP learning from the hobbyists.

● Who am I and why would you trust me? ●

I'm Lech Sokolowski and over the past few years, I've grown Chocofur from a one-man company to a small, remote 3D agency. My Blender focused YouTube channel had over 2.0 million views in just over 2 years. My Absolute Beginners Course for Blender 2.8 has over 170.000 views. Our Chocofur Store has over 30.000 users and helped Blender Artists to earn millions of dollars from creating architectural rendeings. You can see the works of people using Blender and our 3D assets in the Chocofur User Gallery. I've also been a speaker during the official Blender Conferences. You can watch my talks here, here and here.

If you'd like to hear my story about making a living as a Blender Artist, I recommend checking the video below:

● Frequently Asked Questions ●

► What is the Chocofur Tutorial?

Chocofur Tutorial is a single-topic video that we post on YouTube. It is usually very specific, solving a specific problem. Tutorial Videos come with the Blender project files from that specific video. These files can be purchased individually and accessed without time limitations. You can also access all Tutorial files for a year with a FAN, EDU or PRO Subscription.

► What is the Chocofur Course?

Chocofur Courses are series of videos available on YouTube and combined into playlists. Chocofur Courses include the written pages and chapters accessible through our Learn Page. These pages include many more project files as well as some of the Chocofur Store Assets. As with Tutorials, Courses can be purchased individually and accessed without time limitations. You can also access all Chocofur Courses for a year with an EDU and PRO Subscriptions.

► Is it possible to make professional renderings in Blender?

The shortest possible answer - of course, it is possible. Check out our Chocofur User Gallery!. All images featured there were made using the Chocofur Models for Blender and the Cycles rendering engine. You have to remember that software is only a tool. What gets you the desired results are workflow and experience. That's what I'm trying to teach in my Interior Visualization Course included in the EDU Subscription.