Chocofur Lifetime Bundle

€890.00 €790.00

Chocofur Lifetime Bundle

Chocofur Lifetime Bundle is fully compatible with Chocofur Model Manager!
Chocofur Lifetime Bundle includes all our Blender models, scenes and 3D environment elements. By purchasing this bundle you also receive a free, lifetime update on all upcoming Chocofur assets for Blender. The bundle price will gradually increase over time as new digital assets are available. A license agreement for the Chocofur Products can be found here.

Upcoming Chocofur assets:

  • Chocofur Accessories: +50 additional models
  • Chocofur Details: +80 additional models
  • Chocofur Furniture: +250 additional models
  • Chocofur Vehicles: +10 models
  • Chocofur Trees: + 50 models
  • Chocofur Exterior elements: + 100 models
  • Chocofur Interior Scenes: 8 scenes
  • Chocofur Exterior Scenes: 8 scenes
  • Chocofur HDR Maps: 10 maps
  • Chocofur Interior Visualization Course for Blender 2.80

A schedule below lists our assets development plan. It does not include everything we'll be releasing in the meantime as some updates are very spontaneous and based on the projects we're working on. Nevertheless, everything included in the lists below will be available for Lifetime Bundle users and the upcoming prices won't be affected by the unlisted additions. 

This bundle contains products listed below

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