Chocofur Starter Pack

by Chocofur
Amount of assets in this product: 149
Price of individual assets: €1,326.10
You save: 85%

A pro set of essential 3D models is all you need to start creating amazing images in Blender. Unlock your creativity with the Chocofur Starter Pack.

Essential 3D library with over 150 exclusive Blender Assets!

Have you ever felt stuck in Blender because you had no time to create every single 3D model yourself? The frustration of browsing the Internet only to find some poor quality details that don't work? Well, that problem is now over! Chocofur Starter Pack equips you with all the essential 3D models you will ever need in your basic Blender projects.
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Organized Assets Library under one click of a button!

As if hundreds of 3D assets weren't enough, we'll also help you with managing them! Chocofur Starter Pack includes an Addon allowing you to access the 3D models library in Blender. It makes importing the assets to your 3D scenes super easy and organized!
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See for yourself what have others created!

Our online store has over 30.000 registered users thousands of individual clients. We've helped professional Blender Artists to earn millions of dollars by speeding up and improving their 3D workflow. Discover what have others created thanks to Chocofur!
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● Chocofur Seal of Quality

► Blender Assets created by professionals.

Our Assets are created by 3D artists with over 10 years of professional experience. We know the ins and we understand the outs of the 3D industry. When deadlines are tight and coffee runs out, we know what works and what doesn't. All our Blender assets were field-tested in many projects (often for AAA clients). We're only sharing the 3D products we know we can stand for.

► Made exclusively for Blender.

Blender was our tool of choice since day one. In fact, the very first sets of Chocofur 3D models were our assets created for the agency clients. Over time, we've decided to share our experiences and work with others. That's how an organized 3D Models Library, as well as the Blender Addon, came to life.

► Inspired by the design trends.

It's better to have a limited number of the highest-quality items, rather than an unlimited choice of everything. We collaborate with interior designers to ensure our selection of 3D models is in line with the most recent trends. We pay special attention to the details, using photo references to capture the look, proportions, and general aesthetics of each 3D model.

► 3D Geometry optimized for better details.

Chocofur 3D Models can be used for extreme close up renderings, as well as for heavily populated 3D scenes with many assets and details. The way we prepare the 3D geometry allows users to apply Subdivision Modifiers, without distorting the base shape of the 3D model.

► Flexible materials and textures.

The ability to adjust the model's materials is as important as the correct 3D geometry. Chocofur Assets come with pre-made Blender materials, UV maps, and seamless textures. This allows you to change the model's look without any limitations or extra work.

► Ready to render in Cycles and Eevee.

Chocofur Assets are prepared to work in both Blender's native rendering systems. Whether you are a real-time Eevee passionate or hardcore Cycles rendering specialist, our assets will work for any user group!

► Working with Shape Keys.

Some Chocofur Assets work with Blender's Shape Key system. This allows you for one-click geometry modifications. Do you need to open a shelf, drawer, or cabinet? With Shape Keys, it's doable with a single click!

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