Chocofur Ultimate Models Pack

by Chocofur
Amount of assets in this product: 1821
Price of individual assets: €13,832.50
You save: 94%

Pay once and never ever waste time looking for interior 3D assets for Blender. Sounds too good to be true? Chocofur Ultimate Models Pack is the only product that makes it happen!

Forever growing 3D library with over 1750 exclusive Blender Assets!

Browsing the internet for hours, looking for that specific designer furniture? Hoping that it will somehow work in Blender? Not to mention Cycles and Eevee ready materials... Well, that problem is now over! You no longer need to worry about inconsistent 3D model quality or material bugs. Pay once, create forever!
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Complete 3D Scene Setups to speed up your daily workflow!

Do you work with tight deadlines? Do you need to deliver quality looking interior renderings or 360 panoramas? Perhaps you plan to expand and deliver AR/VR services? Our professionally created Blender scenes will speed up your 3D production process.
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Organized Assets Library under one click of a button!

As if hundreds of 3D assets weren't enough, we'll also help you with managing them! Chocofur Lifetime Bundle includes an Addon allowing you to access the 3D models library in Blender. It makes importing the assets to your 3D scenes super easy and organized!
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See for yourself what have others created!

Our online store has over 30.000 registered users thousands of individual clients. We've helped professional Blender Artists to earn millions of dollars by speeding up and improving their 3D workflow. Discover what have others created thanks to Chocofur!
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● Frequently Asked Questions

► Do I really pay once and get the new assets forever?

It may sound impossible but that's the offer! In the day and age of subscription models everywhere, we believe in the good old "pay and get what you paid for" business model. As for today, it seems to be working best for us and our customers. However, nothing lasts forever and one day we will most likely turn the Ultimate Models Pack into a different product. But you don't need to worry. Everyone who gets the Ultimate Models Pack as it is today will have access to all existing and upcoming Chocofur Models.

► Is it really possible to make professional renderings in Blender?

The shortest possible answer - of course, it is possible. Check out our Chocofur User Gallery!. All images featured there were made using Blender and Cycles rendering engine. You have to remember that software is only a tool. What gets you the desired results are workflow and experience. That's what I'm trying to teach in our Interior Visualization Course included in the Lifetime Bundle as well.

► How do I get the new models?

Every month we send a newsletter when the new assets are available. You can download them from your Chocofur Store Account dashboard under the "Bundle Updates" section. When you buy the Lifetime Bundle, we will also send you a separate email with all the instructions.

► What are the licensing terms on the Lifetime Bundle content?

To read more about our product licensing, please check the full End User License Agreement. You may also visit the Frequently Asked Questions section where we address the most common licensing questions.

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