3D Vegetation for Blender

by Chocofur
Amount of assets in this product: 38
Price of individual assets: €329.30
You save: 70%

By purchasing this product, you'll get access
to the following Chocofur 3D Trees and Bushes:

By purchasing this product, you'll get an access
to the following Chocofur 3D Grass Models:

Bulletproof Quality!

Did you ever buy a 3D model that doesn't work for some reason? Or it renders in a complete different way than you've expected? Or it has a completely unoptimized 3D geometry? We know how it feels. That's why every single Chocofur 3D model for Blender is inspected by our team before we share it with you.
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Work Faster!

Did you ever waste time looking for the most basic 3D models before you add them to your 3D scene? Or do you spend hours on the most basic 3D projects because you need to model everything yourself? Fear not, as now you can simply add the best quality Blender 3D models to your projects with just a single click! All Chocofur 3D models are compatible with our Model Manager Addon for Blender.
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Save Money!

Buying individual 3D models can be expensive. That's why getting them in bundles is the best way to go! By purchasing any individual Chocofur models, or bundles, you can use them permanently. But you can also access the entire Chocofur 3D Blender Assets library (2000+ assets) for a year. It is possible through one of the Chocofur Subscriptions.
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● Who am I and why would you trust me? ●

I'm Lech Sokolowski and over the past few years, I've grown Chocofur from a one-man company to a small, remote 3D agency. My Blender focused YouTube channel had over 2.0 million views in just over 2 years. My Absolute Beginners Course for Blender 2.8 has over 170.000 views. Our Chocofur Store has over 30.000 users and helped Blender Artists to earn millions of dollars from creating architectural rendeings. You can see the works of people using Blender and our 3D assets in the Chocofur User Gallery. I've also been a speaker during the official Blender Conferences. You can watch my talks here, here and here.

If you'd like to hear my story about making a living as a Blender Artist, I recommend checking the video below: