Exterior Scene 01

by Chocofur
Amount of assets in this product: 5
Price of individual assets: €66.10
You save: 47%
Chocofur Street in Lyon Exterior 3D Scene
Full CG exterior scene prepared for Blender and Cycles rendering engine. This scene was created with GPU technology in mind, please be sure your graphics card supports latest CUDA drivers and has at least 1.5 GB memory.
Scene was illuminated by only using Chocofur HDR Maps with no other illumination / shadow sources. For more realistic light distribution the volumetric atmosphere has been created.
Scene includes 3 different HDR maps for creating different results. Instruction files with descriptions on how to use them are included in the scene.
Scene Specification:
  • Blender 2.75
  • 1600 x 1100 px resolution
  • 1600 mb  peak memory usage (using 8000 x 4000 HDR maps)
  • Scene includes Photoshop files with applied post production
Panoramic view Specification:
  • 500 samples
  • 1h render time on single GTX 970 (volumetrics enabled)
  • 3$ rough CPU rendering cost using render.st farm
Close Up view Specification:
  • 1000 samples
  • 2h 30 min render time on single GTX 970 (volumetrics and DOF enabled)
  • 9$ rough CPU rendering cost using render.st farm