Interior Visualization Secrets

by Chocofur
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Knowing the Complete Interior Visualization Workflow in Blender is the key to becoming a successful 3D Artist. Learn from a professional who does this for over a decade!

The only course explaining the Complete Interior Visualization Workflow!

From the client's brief and technical drawings to the final image and post-production. This course will guide you step by step through 3D modeling, materials, illumination, and more.
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Packed with over 90 Videos in 15 Online Chapters!

I made this course to be your online resource that can be always re-visited. Over 14 hours of videos, images, slideshows, and written tips are there to provide the best possible learning experience.
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Created by professional, doing it for over 10 years!

The course is full of practical tips and bulletproof, field-tested techniques. I've improved my workflow over the years in countless, real-life, commercial projects.
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Includes 4 Interior Scenes and over 100 Blender 3D Models!

This is the only course that allows you to learn from the Blender files I use daily to deliver the images to my clients! Plus it includes over 54 interior 3D models that will speed up your daily workflow.
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● How does it work? ●

► You will re-create a real-life, interior visualization project.

This course ends the "forever hobbyist" approach. It is a step-by-step simulation of what an architectural project looks like and how to approach it. From start to finish. The techniques that I'm showing are exactly what I've been using in my day to day work as a 3D Artist. My team also uses these techniques. What you can see below are the end results of the main part of the course. The renderings are exactly what you'll be able to create if you put time and effort to follow the lessons.

► We start with the basics...

The first chapter of the course focuses on introducing you to Blender. It even includes a separate mini Absolute Beginners Course. That will teach you all the necessary basics if you're completely new to the software. For more seasoned Blender users, this chapter will be a good warmup before we jump any further. To see what is the structure of every course chapter, you can view Chapter 01 linked below. It is available completely for free!

Chapter 01: Introduction to Blender (Free)

FREE First Chapter of the Blender 2.8 Interior Visualization Course will cover the most important changes that were implemented to Blender 2.8.

► We learn the Complete Interior Visualization Process step by step...

From chapter two till chapter nine you'll learn the complete interior visualization workflow. We'll start with converting and importing CAD data to Blender. Next, we will create an interior 3D model based on photo references and technical details. We'll then move to create CGI materials and realistic illumination. Finally, I'll show you how to render the final images and post-produce the results.

► We continue with more advanced topics!

Once you got the foundations right, we'll jump into more advanced topics. In chapter ten I'll explain the basics of Blender's real-time rendering engine called Eevee. You will learn the benefits and best-case scenarios of using real-time engines. In chapter eleven I'll explain my architectural animation workflow in Blender. Finally, in chapter twelve I'll share my production tips and tricks on how to optimize your workflow. Below is a free video sample from one of the advanced chapters:


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● Why is interior visualization important? ●

► Interior visualization is one of the best skills you can learn today. ◄

First, architectural visualization is a big part of the 3D industry all by itself. You may become a successful 3D artist by focusing on interior renderings only. But the skill will allow you branching to many other industries. Product renderings, virtual showrooms, VR/AR applications. All these industries would accept your interior visualization skills.

Second, interior visualization in Blender is a great skill to learn if you want to be a freelancer. Not only most companies prefer the flexibility of hiring freelancers. You can also get ahead of other 3D artists by using Blender which is 100% free.

Third, interior visualization skills will increase your market value as a 3D artist. Not only will you be able to accept a completely new range of projects. Companies are more willing to hire artists with architectural aesthetics and technical knowledge. You can develop these skills much quicker when following a guided, step by step process.

You either start accepting new projects and job opportunities...
...or continue struggling with the lack of clients.

We all know that finding a new client is not easy. But not getting a client because of the lack of skill? That's something you can only blame yourself for. And that's something you can definitely fix!

You either become more competitive and valuable as a 3D Artist...
...or lose the opportunity and let others get ahead of you.

Interior Visualization in Blender is a niche that gains popularity day after day. Starting early will not only get you ahead of the others. The sooner you learn the process, the faster you'll get better at it. It's like planting a seed - some things need time to grow. But the sooner you plant the seed, the faster you'll enjoy its fruit.

You either get yourself prepared for the Covid-19 situation...
...or pray that it doesn't affect your business and well-being.

The world has changed in 2020, there's no doubt about it. For some, it was a year of defeat. For others, a year of growth and winning. Does your current position as a 3D Artist feel secure? In 30 days from now, you could have a completely new, important skill within your 3D arsenal. And that new skill will increase your chances of getting through the hard times we've now entered!

● Click here to browse the User Gallery! ●

● Five myths about Interior Visualization ●

If you already failed to learn interior visualization - it is most likely not your fault! Let me explain - you tried doing it the old way, not even knowing where to start. You picked some tutorials here and there, listened to some "gurus" of the industry. The result - we can both guess. When faced with the real client, the anxiety from not having enough experience was too strong to accept the job. In fact, you're not even an architect and never created anything other than your hobby side projects. Right?

The truth is - you failed because "pros" of the industry never explain the process they use in their daily work. Some of the industry "gurus" don't even do interior renderings for a living, yet they still pass their "knowledge" to others.

What I try to do in this course is to challenge these common problems. I've been doing renderings in Blender for a living for over a decade. I've trained many 3D artists who now do it for a living as well. Interior visualization is a skill like any other and you will be able to learn it too.

Myth 1: You need an architectural education to create visualizations.

● The truth: interior visualization, if learned correctly, is on the easier end of 3D graphics. Most people doing architectural visualization do not have any related education. Frankly speaking, a lot of the "pros" of the industry don't have any higher education at all.

Myth 2: You can't do a professional interior renderings in Blender.

● The truth: That's one of the biggest lies of the 3D industry. Just look at the images from the Chocofur User Gallery, created by other Artists. Blender is not only more than capable when it comes to photorealistic renderings. It is the only 3D software allowing you to do this completely for free! The criticism always comes from the 3D "pros" who got stuck in their creative bubble 10 years ago. These people want you to think that interior visualization is some special skill that only a few chosen ones can learn. A skill that can be only practised with the "industry standard" tools. Thankfully, these are the 3D myths of the past decade.

Myth 3: I don't have what it takes (a talent?) for architectural stuff.

● The truth: I never considered myself to have a talent in architecture. That didn't stop me from doing it for a living for over 10 years! To be honest, talent can only help you in progressing slighlty faster than others. In the end, it all comes down to learning and applying the process.

Myth 4: It takes years of practise to create a decent looking renderings.

● The truth: only if you try to learn it the old way. It is possible to create a good quality interior renderings after just a few weeks of practise. As I've already mentioned, it all comes down to understanding the process. It is true that your image quality will need some time and practise to get better. But with the right foundations and techniques, this will happen much faster.

Myth 5: I need a high end PC to create interior renderings.

● The truth: you will be able to create the main interior renderings from this course using a laptop such as MacBook Pro. A better workstation would definitely speed up your work, but it's not required to learn the basics.

● Who am I and why would you trust me? ●

I'm Lech Sokolowski and over the past few years, I've grown Chocofur from a one-man company to a small, remote 3D agency. My Blender focused YouTube channel had over 2.0 million views in just over 2 years. My Absolute Beginners Course for Blender 2.8 has over 170.000 views. Our Chocofur Store has over 30.000 users and helped Blender Artists to earn millions of dollars from creating architectural rendeings. You can see the works of people using Blender and our 3D assets in the Chocofur User Gallery. I've also been a speaker during the official Blender Conferences. You can watch my talks here, here and here.

If you'd like to hear my story about making a living as a Blender Artist, I recommend checking the video below:

● How it all started...

My adventure with Blender started in 2007 when I was an architecture student. I was always drawn more to making art rather than designing and that lead me to learn 3D graphics in Blender. Before I graduated I was already working full time at a company called Evermotion. They specialize in architectural renderings and assets creation for various 3D software.

In early 2011 I decided to try my luck and become a freelancer. I've already had an architectural background and a lot of 3D graphics experience. Still, that didn't help with my anxiety! How will my 3D skill stand when I face the real client? Will I be able to make it on my own?

��� I've been in your shoes...

I know what you may think. "If that guy was in doubt, despite his architectural and 3D background, how am I supposed to succeed?" I understand your fear! I was struggling for the same reasons you do. I never had a chance to learn how to create interior renderings in a clear, organized way.

A few years later down the path of freelancing, I started getting more and more projects. I realized that I'm not able to do it anymore all by myself, but I had a "problem". Some clients liked my visual 3D style to the point which made it impossible for me to outsource the work to others. They only wanted to work with me!

● Finding the solution...

I knew I wanted to grow my business and work with other people. As I've been improving my 3D workflow year by year, in 2016 I've decided to try teaching the others. My first student was my sister who also studied architecture at that time. She wanted to create architectural visualizations but didn't where to start. After a few weeks of work, her results were very promising!

In the next few months, I was able to increase the size of my visualization team to a group of 5 freelancers. Since then we've been working together on many different projects for various companies. You can see some of the work samples below:

● Frequently asked questions ●

I'm a Blender artist but I never did architectural renderings. Is this course for me?

If you're already a 3D Artist working in Blender this course is exactly for you! First, you already know Blender so adapting a new 3D skill will be much easier for you. Second, interior visualization is something that every creative person can learn. With the right foundations, it won't take ages but rather a few weeks. Third, this new skill will boost your confidence as a 3D artist and allow accepting a whole new range of projects and clients.

I'm a complete beginner in 3D. Is this course for me?

If you're completely new to Blender, please check the first chapter of this course. It is completely free and it includes a separate mini-course on Blender basics. After finishing my Absolute Beginners Course in Blender you'll be more than ready to follow the lessons!

I'm a 3D artist but I never used Blender. Is this course for me?

If you already have architectural visualization experience, this course is the fastest way to switch to Blender. After you grasp the foundations from the first chapter of this course, you'll be ready to start working in no time.

How do I access the course after purchasing it?

To access the course, all you need to do is logging into your Chocofur Store Account. Then, simply navigate to and choose the Courses subpage. It will include the Chocofur Interior Visualization Secrets in Blender with the complete list of chapters. After purchasing the course you will also receive an email explaining the process in detail.

Is it really possible to make professional renderings in Blender?

The shortest possible answer - of course, it is possible. Check out our Chocofur User Gallery. All images featured there were made using Blender and Cycles rendering engine. You have to remember that software is only a tool. What gets you the desired results are workflow and experience, and this is what I'm trying to teach in this course.

What are the system requirements to complete the course?

The hardware I was using when preparing the course was a Windows 10 Laptop with 32GB of ram and a GTX1070 graphics card. I was also able to re-create the main 3D scene using 2017's MacBook Pro 13-inch (the touch bar version). I'm pretty sure if you own anything with similar specifications, you'll be ready to complete the course. However, when it comes to the Apple hardware, you may experience problems when working with the Eevee rendering engine. The keyboard shortcuts I'm using are also more Windows friendly. You might need to figure some of the MacOS shortcuts yourself.

The course was made in Blender 2.80. Is it still up to date?

There were some changes introduced to Blender since I've finished the course. I'm even covering the most important ones in Chapter 13. But most of the techniques that I teach are universal enough to be used in any Blender version! What might have changed are some keyboard shortcuts or Blender interface layouts but don't worry. You can always download the exact same Blender 2.80 version I was using when making the course. It's included in the downloads section of Chapter 01.

Interior Visualization Secrets

by Chocofur
Amount of assets in this product: 136
Price of individual assets: €1,292.50
You save: 92%