PRE ORDER Interior Visualization Course Blender 2.80

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DECEMBER 2018 - FEBRUARY 2019 (edited 03.12.18)


  • 12 online chapters including narrated videos, timelapes, text and imagery
  • 10 complete Blender 2.8 interiors as a course supplement
  • over 100 Blender 2.8 models for your private and commercial use


  • I. Blender 2.80 Introduction
  • II. Modeling from technical drawings
  • III. Scene Creation and Management (edited 03.12.18)
  • IV. Subdivision Modeling - Chair and Pendant Lamps (edited 03.12.18)
  • V. Modeling details - Plant, Cushion, Curtain
  • VI. Materials and UV Mapping
  • VII. Advanced Materials & Textures
  • VIII. Composition & Camera Setup
  • IX. Cycles Render Settings
  • X. Rendering Post Production
  • XI. Scene Optimization & Performance
  • XII Hardware Limitations & Batch Rendering


  • Eevee scene setup
  • Animation Fundamentals


  • 1. Teaser Opening Scene
  • 2. Teaser Stairway Scene

System requirements:

  • Blender 2.80
  • Course is created with Windows OS shortcut layout
  • Nvidia 9xx GPU and above recommended
  • Post procesing and texture works may require Adobe Photoshop
  • No extra Blender plugins / addons necessary


Note I: The course trailer was created entirely in Blender 2.80 Alpha so we believe it will be possible for us to deliver the entire course content in December 2018 using Blender 2.80 Beta. However, if for any technical reasons we won't be able to deliver the entire content in Blender 2.80 Beta we'll let you know beforehand and release the missing course chapters in January / Febuary 2019.

Note II: The course educational content will be an online access only! That means some of the videos will be available through YouTube / Chocofur website, but the text materials and images / slideshows will be available via Chocofur site only (we don't plan releasing any pdfs etc.)

Note III: The supplementary 3D models and Interiors (6 out of 10 at the moment) are available for instant download to the pre-order owners. 

Note IV: All of the suplementary 3D assets and scenes will be fully Blender 2.80 only in December (untill then it's 2.79 only).

Note V: You may consider following Chocofur on Twitter, YouTube or Facebook for the latest updates and releases regarding the course.

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