Interior Visualization Course Blender 2.80

€79.00 €189.00




  • 18 online chapters including narrated videos, timelapse, text and imagery
  • 12 complete Blender 2.8 interiors as a course supplement (8 out of 12 available on Early Access)
  • over 150 Blender 2.8 models for your private and commercial use (all available on Early Access

System requirements:

  • Blender 2.80
  • The course is created with Windows OS shortcut layout
  • Nvidia 9xx GPU and above recommended
  • Post-processing and texture works may require Adobe Photoshop
  • No extra Blender plugins/addons necessary

Please Note!

The course educational content will be online access only! That means some of the videos will be available through YouTube / Chocofur website, but the text materials and images/slideshows will be available via Chocofur site only (we don't plan to release any pdf files etc.)

Available Course Chapters:

Release Schedule: