Chocofur Model Manager for Blender 2.80

by Chocofur

Don't waste time looking for your assets all around the place. Add them to your 3D scene directly in Blender. Easy!

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Browsing the internet for hours, looking for that specific designer furniture? Hoping that it will somehow work in Blender? Not to mention Cycles and Eevee ready materials... Well, that problem is now over! You no longer need to worry about inconsistent 3D model quality or material bugs. It's a copy from our Lifetime Bundle page but hey, it also applies here :-)
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Do you have problem launching the Addon?

Look for the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions section!

Addon Installation

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●●●● Frequently Asked Questions ●●●●

► The Addon doesn't work, what can I do?

You most likely need to upgrade the Addon to the latest version. Please use Blender's Addon Preferences window to do that, and double check our YouTube tutorial describing the process step by step.

► I'm getting an error when installing the Addon.

Please make sure you're installing the Addon to the correct Blender version. Addon for Blender 2.79 should be used with the official Blender 2.79 builds (experimental ones don't work). Addon for Blender 2.80 should work with the official Blender 2.8+ builds after updating it to the latest version.

► I can't find any 3D models in the Model Manager!

Please double-check if your model's library is set up correctly. The setup process is explained step by step in the YouTube tutorial, available through the Addon's Product Page. If the problem still occurs, please get in touch with us at [email protected], we'll try to help!

► Possible Problem Fix 01:

Please remove all of the .zip files from your models library, other than the Chocofur's files. This seemed to help some of the users.

► Possible Problem Fix 02:

Please try using the Addon with clean Blender version (no other Addons installed). This seemed to help some of the users who had too many Blender Addons installed which were in conflict with our Model Manager.