The Art of Rendering Masterclass

by Chocofur
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Your renderings can look much better! It's not about talent but following a step by step process that always works. What took me years to understand, you can now learn in a few days!

How to make better renderings?

What is a correct composition? Does the Golden Ratio matter? Why is the light that important? How to achieve photorealistic results? How to balance illumination colors and intensity? How to get the right feedback and self improve? How to tell stories with your images? It is the only course that answers these and many, many more questions!

Over 30 videos and 4 hours of content!

The masterclass is packed not only with videos. You will find dozens of my personal notes, tips, and advice that I've collected over the years. What took my entire 3D career to understand, you can now learn within a few days!

Simple as following a "to do" list!

I can guarantee your renderings will look better after finishing this Masterclass. How do I know that? Because the entire process of making great images can be written down as a checklist! A checklist you can go over every time you'll be working on a new project!

Case studies, 3D scenes and hundreds of 3D models!

I will explain in detail the setups and render settings from 7 different projects I did in Blender! You will not only get access to the 3D scenes I'm showing in the videos. You'll be able to use dozens of individual Blender 3D models available in each of these projects!
See the downloadable content!

► Your renderings will look better after finishing this Masterclass.

The Masterclass includes dozens of creative and 3D tips. You only need to apply some of them and your renderings will already get better! It's not only what I've learned throughout my entire career. It's exactly what I teach privately as a 3D consultant. It's the exact knowledge I would share if someone had asked me - how can I quickly improve my rendering quality?

► Watch the free sneak peek video from one of the chapters:

What inspires your creativity?

In the first chapter of the Masterclass, you will learn how to start developing your artistic style. You will understand how to ask the right questions and what are the technical and artistic aspects of 3D visualizations. I will share who were my inspirations throughout my 3D career. I will also share my personal image references library so you know how to build your own!

Why is composition important?

The second chapter of the Masterclass is all about composition and visual storytelling. You will learn why composition is so important for any image to look great. You will understand the differences between single, two, and three-point perspectives. You will know how to stage your renderings and build tension using contrasts. Each chapter ends with practice ideas and my personal tips. It will help you in developing your own artistic style!

Do you need talent to create "art"?

Who is a 3D Artist and why does it matter? In chapter three you will see that "art" is not about talent but an organized practice! You'll learn how to develop your artistic skillset and get good at using "light". I will also explain how to self critique your work, get the actual, valuable feedback, and truly improve at making 3D!

How to achieve a photorealistic look?

In chapter four of the Masterclass, we'll dive into Blender and learn more technical stuff! I will show you my "Four Secrets" of photorealistic rendering quality. I will explain how to "break" the Blender's physics with Light Path and Ray Visibility nodes. You will learn why Area Lamps are important, and how to boos the Environment look. We will end the chapter with some extra "Special Touches" you can add to any rendering and instantly improve its look!

How it's actually made?

Chapter five is fully focused on case studies and the projects I've created in Blender. I will explain how Chocofur Scenes 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 were made. Step by step, I will go through all the settings, so you can create similar projects yourself! I will also showcase three commercial AAA projects that my team and I had created. Like every other chapter, this one is also packed with personal notes, insights, and tips I've gathered through the years. I guarantee these will help you grow as a 3D artist!

Can it be that simple?

The Masterclass ends with a checklist of everything that you've learned! The entire process of "making better renderings" can be summarized as a set of rules, a "to do" list that you simply need to follow! Use the checklist from this chapter as often as you need! It will come in handy, especially at times when you feel stuck on the project. I can guarantee your renderings will look better if you follow even some points from the checklist!


See all chapters, 3D models, and interior 3D scenes included in the course.


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● Included in the Masterclass ●

Here you can find the entire downloadable content included in the Masterclass:

Art of Rendering Masterclass Downloadable Content

This page lists all of the content included in the Chocofur Art of Rendering Masterclass.

● Bonuses ●

The Masterclass also gives you full access to the following chapters of my Interior Visualization course:

Chapter 03: Camera Matching

Third Chapter of the Blender 2.8 Interior Visualization Course will explain how to match a 3D camera with a reference picture and start 3D scene modeling.

Chapter 09: Image Post Production

Ninth Chapter of the Blender 2.8 Interior Visualization Course will focus on the rendering Post-production - Tone Mapping and Color Correction.

Chapter 14: Post Production Hacks

In this chapter I share more tips on how to achieve great post-production results using Blender Compositor. You're also able to download some of my extra commercial project files and post-production setups. Study, modify, and use them in your daily workflow!

● Who am I and why would you trust me? ●

I'm Lech Sokolowski and over the past few years, I've grown Chocofur from a one-man company to a small, remote 3D agency. My Blender focused YouTube channel had over 2.0 million views in just over 2 years. My Absolute Beginners Course for Blender 2.8 has over 170.000 views. Our Chocofur Store has over 30.000 users and helped Blender Artists to earn millions of dollars from creating architectural rendeings. You can see the works of people using Blender and our 3D assets in the Chocofur User Gallery. I've also been a speaker during the official Blender Conferences. You can watch my talks here, here and here.

If you'd like to hear my story about making a living as a Blender Artist, I recommend checking the video below:

● How it all started...

My adventure with Blender started in 2007 when I was an architecture student. I was always drawn more to making art rather than designing and that lead me to learn 3D graphics in Blender. Before I graduated I was already working full time at a company called Evermotion. They specialize in architectural renderings and assets creation for various 3D software.

In early 2011 I decided to try my luck and become a freelancer. I've already had an architectural background and a lot of 3D graphics experience. Still, that didn't help with my anxiety! How will my 3D skill stand when I face the real client? Will I be able to make it on my own?

● I've been in your shoes...

I know what you may think. "If that guy was in doubt, despite his architectural and 3D background, how am I supposed to succeed?" I understand your fear! I was struggling for the same reasons you do. I never had a chance to learn how to create interior renderings in a clear, organized way.

A few years later down the path of freelancing, I started getting more and more projects. I realized that I'm not able to do it anymore all by myself, but I had a "problem". Some clients liked my visual 3D style to the point which made it impossible for me to outsource the work to others. They only wanted to work with me!

● Finding the solution...

I knew I wanted to grow my business and work with other people. As I've been improving my 3D workflow year by year, in 2016 I've decided to try teaching the others. My first student was my sister who also studied architecture at that time. She wanted to create architectural visualizations but didn't where to start. After a few weeks of work, her results were very promising!

In the next few months, I was able to increase the size of my visualization team to a group of 5 freelancers. Since then we've been working together on many different projects for various companies. You can see some of the work samples below:

The Art of Rendering Masterclass

by Chocofur
€149.00 €99.00
Amount of assets in this product: 192
Price of individual assets: €1,951.80
You save: 95%